Derek Tumala


Derek sits in a warmly-lit room, with a view of a city at night outside of the window. He looks down at a tabletop of large flowers and lush greenery and wears a feathery boa around his neck.

Derek Tumala is a visual artist living and working in Manila, Philippines. Tumala’s art practice revolves around the idea of ecological world-making, spanning formats including schematics, object orientation, staging, knowledge, and events, and his work has been exhibited at the Delfina Foundation (UK); Yogyakarta Biennale; Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Manila; Manila Observatory; and the International Rice Research Institute. He began Mvltiverse, a multimedia collective experimenting with moving image, and STEAM/Projects, a collective of technologists and artists working across new media practices. Tumala was recently named one of ArtReview's Future Greats of 2024.